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Best Dog Agility Training in Astley Bridge


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Looking for dog agility training in Astley Bridge, Greater Manchester? You’ll find a list of the three best dog agility training programmes near you on our website.

Are you embarking on your quest for dog agility training at Astley Bridge? If you’re wondering where to begin, take comfort in knowing we’ve already laid the way. 

Best Dog Agility Training in Astley Bridge, Greater Manchester (2024)

Our detailed selection procedure has singled out the top three dog agility classes in the area, each meticulously vetted through a detailed 100-point inspection that reviews local reviews, historical performance, adherence to business standards, ratings, client satisfaction, trust, cost, and their trading expertise.

Explore quotes at your convenience, engage in conversations with the leading local professionals, and uncover the most expert dog agility trainers tailored to your pup’s needs.

With no pressure to commit to a hire, you are encouraged to review profiles, examine previous reviews, and gather more information before you decide.

What’s more, the service is entirely free! If you have more on your mind, you can always reach out to us. Considering dog agility training? Here are some of the best dog agility training facilities in Astley Bridge, Greater Manchester, to explore in 2024.

Top THREE Dog Agility Trainers in Astley Bridge, Greater Manchester

Fido’s Fields (Astley) Dog Park And Agility

This is a secure dog exercise and agility training field for hire, with full-size equipment and 6-foot fencing. You can practice agility training with your dog at your own pace in a secure environment. It is located in Astley, about 10 miles from Astley Bridge.

  • Address: Peel Lane, Astley, Manchester, M29 7JL
  • Phone: 07539 941680

Salford Dog Training And Flyball Club

This is a dog training and flyball club that offers group classes and private sessions for all levels of agility and obedience. They are located in Salford, about 8 miles from Astley Bridge.

Standish Dog Trainer

This is a dog trainer and behaviourist that offers 1:1 sessions, puppy and dog training classes, KC Rally, puppy parties, and dog agility. They use gentle reward-based training methods and support the use of clickers and clicker training. They are located in Wigan, about 9 miles from Astley Bridge.

Bringing it all together, these exceptional dog agility training facilities in Astley Bridge, Greater Manchester, stand at the ready, are geared up, and are mobilised to support, promote, and sustain your dog’s energy and athleticism.

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