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Best Dog Agility Training in Rothbury


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Looking for Dog Agility Training in Rothbury, Northumberland? You’ll find a list of THREE best Dog Agility Training near you on our website.

Launching your search for Dog Agility Training in Rothbury? If you’re puzzled about where to start, be comforted in knowing we’ve forged the way. 

Best Dog Agility Training in Rothbury, Northumberland (2024)

Our detailed selection framework has revealed the top THREE Dog Agility Classes in the region, each assessed with a complete 100-point Inspection that scrutinizes local reviews, historical performance, adherence to business standards, ratings, client satisfaction, trust, cost, and trading skill.

Check out quotes at your pleasure, start conversations with the leading local professionals, and uncover the most qualified Dog Agility Trainers tailored to your pup’s needs. There’s zero obligation to hire, so you can compare profiles, look over previous reviews, and seek more information before you decide.

And the highlight? It’s utterly free! If you wish to recommend more options, feel free to contact us. Discover an array of the best dog agility training facilities in Rothbury, Northumberland to consider in 2024.

Top THREE Dog Agility Trainers in Rothbury, Northumberland

Rolling Hills K9 Agility Center

Rolling Hills K9 Agility Center, established in 2014, is a leading dog agility training facility in Rothbury. This centre is known for its picturesque setting amidst rolling hills, providing a serene and engaging environment for dog training.

They specialize in positive reinforcement methods, fostering a strong bond between dogs and handlers while focusing on agility skill development.


  • Beginner to advanced agility classes
  • Private training sessions
  • Canine fitness assessments
  • Agility competitions and events

Paws and Peaks Agility Academy

Paws and Peaks Agility Academy, serving Rothbury since 2016, is committed to providing comprehensive agility training for dogs of all breeds. Nestled near the peaks of Rothbury, the academy focuses on advanced techniques, speed, and precision.

Their experienced trainers emphasize teamwork and effective communication between dogs and handlers.


  • Advanced agility classes
  • Handling techniques for speed and precision
  • Specialty workshops
  • Agility trial preparation

Green Valley Canine Agility Hub

Green Valley Canine Agility Hub has been a staple in Rothbury since 2010, offering a holistic approach to agility training. This hub caters to dogs of all ages, focusing on foundational skills and gradually progressing to advanced challenges. Their training programs are known for fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.


  • Puppy agility programs
  • Foundation to advanced agility classes
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Fun and interactive agility sessions

In essence, these celebrated dog agility training facilities in Rothbury, Northumberland are ready, primed, and available to boost, foster, and support your dog’s energy and athleticism.

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